KAIBEAUTY is a celebrator of aesthetics, 
awakening the innate love of beauty from the depths of our souls, to bloom in full allure.




We are deeply observant and make careful choices for our fashion details. This is how we create items with a balance of texture and beauty. Each of our creation is amazingly breathtaking. As the founder and international makeup master Kai Chang said,  ” A small step in loving beauty is a big step in changing life! ”

The KAIBEAUTY is back with a new image, not blindly following the trend of the market, but putting the love of beauty at the upmost importance. Using unique style to set off a revolution of beauty! Look and you will realize that there is beauty all around us.

Our Founder|Kai Chang


The most trusted indicator in makeup and cosmetics to Asians.


Kai started out in the make-up world since 1997. As the most trusted voice in makeup and cosmetics, he’s the go-to makeup artist for countless celebrities and top models. He is the longtime featured Makeup Artist for the TVBS show “Queen”, and can often be seen at numerous fashion shows across Asia. For Kai, it doesn’t matter if it’s bold features, or fine details in makeup, they all share a very basic philosophy - beauty is more than its appearance. In order to share his philosophy about beauty, he created KAIBEAUTY in 2018. 





  • 2018 Kai Chang created a cosmetic brand - “KAIBEAUTY” to inspire everyone to embrace their individual beauty.
  • 2017 Kai Chang launched his fifth makeup book - “17”.
  • 2015 Kai Chang collaboratively crated cosmetic brand - “KAI DELUXE”.
  • 2013 Kai Chang launched his forth makeup book - “超美力”.
  • 2011 Kai Chang launched his third makeup book - “百變臉書”.
  • 2009 Kai Chang launched his second makeup book - “美顏覺醒”.
  • 2008 Kai Chang collaboratively crated cosmetic brand - “1028 VISUAL THERAPY”.
  • 2007 Kai Chang launched his first makeup book - “小凱老師明星臉彩妝書”.
  • 2003 Kai Chang was firstly invited by TVBS show “Queen”, and now his is the longtime featured Makeup Artist for the TVBS show “Queen”.
  • 1997 Kai Chang started his makeup career.